Law Practice

Life is often unpredictable and there are no guarantees.  Very often in
today's world, you will need an attorney to help guide you and advise you.  It
may be an exciting time in your life when you are purchasing your first home
or starting a new business but, unfortunately, some of those times when you
will need an attorney, it is a painful, frightening, turbulent, and confusing time
in your life.

Everyone makes mistakes so stop worrying and start dialing.  If you
don't call me, I can't help you.  Ignoring your problem will not make it go
away.  Let me deal with it head on.  Remember, nothing is worse than doing

Insurance companies and government agencies have attorneys who work
for them, full time, shouldn't you have someone on your side?

Whether you have been injured by the negligence of someone else, you
have suffered the loss of a precious family member or dear friend, have
been arrested by law enforcement, or simply need to sell a parcel of real
estate or draft a will, you will likely need the assistance of an attorney.  In
2005 Matthew opened The Wright Law Firm to help people in just such
situations.  Matthew will provide thoughtful, caring, and understanding
guidance to your individual legal situation.

The Wright Law Firm, P.C. is solely owned and operated by Matthew D.
Wright.  Matthew is absolutely committed to its clients, their goals, and their

No shortcuts, no compromises.  If you are looking for a firm to aggressively
pursue your legal rights while at the same time deliver to you personnel, top
quality, customer service, then look no further than The Wright Law Firm,
P.C. and Matthew D. Wright.

The Wright Law Firm is a small law firm located just southeast of
Trussville in
Birmingham, Alabama.  Conveniently located about ten (10) minutes
Northeast of downtown
Birmingham via Interstate 59, I offer small firm
personal attention with all the convenience and cost saving advantages of
being located in the Birmingham metro area.

Alabama Law requires the following statement in all attorney ads: "No representation is made that the quality of legal
services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services provided by other lawyers."
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