Trussville was established in 1820 and was incorporated as a city in 1947.

Situated in the northeastern area of
Jefferson County, Alabama, Trussville is one of the
fastest growing cities in the State, having grown from a population of around 3,500 in 1980
to the current 2006 population estimate of over 20,000 people.

Trussville offers residents small town hospitality along with all the convenience of the
Birmingham area. Interstate 459 and Interstate 59 allow access to the city at four

In the 1930's, with the country was struggling to recover from the great stock market
crash.  In an effort to boost the US and local economy, President Roosevelt established
and built what is now known as the "
Cahaba Project" with the Government Resettlement
Administration. With a total of 261 residential dwellings built, the small community grew
rapidly. In 1947 the United States Federal Government sold the homes to the occupants of
the homes and on June 10, 1947, the "Town of Trussville" was incorporated.  The town
officially became a city on May 31, 1957 and adopted its current name, "City of Trussville".
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